The Importance of Branding!

The Importance of Branding!

To understand Branding, perhaps we can make the following analogy:
First, you have to think of someone; as a person, the body, the matter. That will be the product, any product.
Second, think in her or his name. That will be the Brand.
Finally, close your eyes and think about her or his attitude, personality, state of mind, way of being. That is what Branding represents.


In a very complex world, everything will pass unnoticed unless something special is attached to its existence.
The way we do this is by creating a Brand for the product or service we are offering to users.
Normally, when we have something new, we spend a lot of time thinking about the proper name for that product. It has to be something sticky, easy to remember and also, something that reflects the intent of its use.
Once we have everything ready, we can say that we are one step behind giving life to our “baby”. The next and most important step is to work on the Branding of our product. Now is the time to present it to society. It has to be brilliant, desirable, awe-inspiring!


People make choices for different reasons. One of them is that we choose with our wellness in mind. Conscious or unconscious, choices we made are supported in our happiness – or to make somebody we care about happy -.
Feelings are the motor that guides us to make a decision. According to a Springer Link report, decisions that people make are driven by the anticipated happiness utility of a choice.
This takes us back to the previous question: “Why is Branding Important to your enterprise?” If you are looking to be perceived as an excellent option for your future users or buyers, you definitely need to go with your Digital Marketing Agency and start a Product Branding Campaign.
Let people choose happiness with your products!


The main elements that are handled in Branding are planning, organization, direction, coordination, and control. These actions are aligned to the positioning, purpose, and values of a brand. All this with the aim of awakening different sensations and creating connections in each person.
In other words, the main goal of Branding is not only to conquer the consumer’s mind but also his heart.

Every single action count for this purpose. The design of your logo, the design of your website, choosing the right font combination, the content in your messages, the music if necessary, etc. This is part of a whole package to build up your brand personality in your client’s mind.

This campaign has to have consistency and be shown in different media. Social Networks, printed media, or TV. Each one of them with its technical characteristics but all of them with the same personality.


There are also situational factors that affect consumers buying behavior. These factors can be analyzed by a professional marketer to obtain the most of your Branding campaign.
Some of these factors are:

  • Social situation. It is important to know who is your Personal Buyer.
  • Time situation. Every campaign must be placed at the proper time.
  • Reason to purchase. There is always a way to remind somebody of a good reason to buy.
  • Consumer’s mood. If everything in your campaign fits like in a Classical-music performance, the consumer’s mood may tune to your objectives.

It is important do not to underestimate the necessity of a good Digital Marketing Agency. In Graphic Illusion, we can manage your campaign with professionalism.
Do not hesitate to contact us and, without any compromise, we will be glad to chat with you.

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