What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?

The concept of trading goods started when groups of people realized they need something that other group already has. I can only imagine that those first exchanges of goods, were done with just a few signs or words and, that was it!

Over the years, many years, people were doing trades in between villages, with nothing else that the article in front of them and a necessity to cover.
Somewhere in time, the traditional “markets” did show up in the scene.

According to the dictionary definition, “marketing” is derived from the Latin word “mercari” (buy) or “mercatus”. Later on, the use of “marketplace” or “merchant” was very common.

During the industrial revolution, the production of goods increased in all different sectors, and because of this, people were able to choose in between several options and not necessarily to cover an immediate necessity.


Before the computers era, big and small companies with all kinds of products had to use the services of advertising agencies near their branch offices in order to be able to authorize the different publicity campaigns.
Later on, sometime in the ’90s, the social networks begin to come to light.

It is a fact that this development in social tools, with the characteristics that we all know now, represents a huge step in how companies are promoting their products or services. And, because of the worldwide web, they can now have a presence all around the world.
You will find more information about this in our blog dedicated to Social Networks.


Like everything in this world, procedures need to adjust to circumstances and, due to the wide range of social networks, it has been necessary to have a different approach to the target audience. That’s why, somewhere around 1994, somebody started with the first digital marketing agency.

The traditional way to do publicity had come to its end. From now on, the digital world would be the one and only.

These agencies started to develop systems that would help companies know, with high accuracy, what their audience wants and, better yet, filtered by language, religion, country, age, etc.


You might be asking yourself what you can get from a digital marketing agency. Well, every one of the agencies might have a different approach and name to their services. Some of them may have been in the market since the 1990s and others, with the speed of technology and fast millennials’ brain, just a few years.

The services provided in general are, to start, an entire audit of your website. From here, you can get digital strategiesto have a better presence on the net. Web design, brand positioning, increase of leads, increase of ROI, quality content in your pages and blogs. Some of the agencies can also offer you great footage or video production, etc.

The main idea is, little by little, to climb the busy steps necessary to appear in the first ten positions that search enginesoffer to a user when they have a query. It might sound easy but believe me, it is an art and requires analysis, time and, consistency.

Our agency is one of those that have more than ten years in this industry. We have been growing year after year and assimilating every new addition digital media provides to developers and users.

If you are looking for a serious and experimented digital marketing agency to grow up your website, get in contact with us and let us know how we can help you.

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