What is Website Design?

What is Website Design?

We live in a world in which the absence of the World Wide Web is unimaginable. Little by little, we have all been getting involved in this service.
It is not surprising that the new generations do not imagine what communication or research was like years ago.
In order to answer our initial question, it is necessary to understand some concepts involved in website design, also known as web design.


Basically, the web was born to solve a problem of humanity: communication. Like what happened when Esperanto was created, Sir Tim Berners was in a position where scientists from all over the world needed to share information. He is a British computer scientist who invented the web while working at CERN; the great particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland.
The complication was that they all had their information on their own computers. If you needed something from someone, explains Tim Berners, sometimes you had to learn a different programming code to access that computer.

With this in mind, he started to work on how they will be able to share that info without that many inconveniences. By the end of 1990, the first web page was served on the open internet. In 1991, people outside of CERN were invited to join.

Eventually, more and more people joined because Sir Tim Berners decided to provide the code royalty-free, forever.


Once the World Wide Web started to be popular, and after a few years of being used only to share office information, someone realized that this could be a great platform to be used as a showcase to be seen much more beyond the surrounding area.

At the same time, in parallel, software developers were creating the necessary tools to make the sites that were uploaded to the web attractive to people. At that moment the use of these tools was intended for people who knew how to program and had technical computer knowledge.

The professional website designer was born. These guys did know how to show relevant business information on a computer screen.
Of course, throughout the years, we have had different options for website design. They all need some knowledge degree and, most importantly, a strong artistic approach. If you are planning to do your own website, you can try the free-of-charge version of different tools to know which one is better for you.


The design of a website involves a melting pot of skills that are refined over the years and experience. This is the reason why most businesses and also personal projects choose to trust website design to a Digital Marketing Agency. Also, once you are with the agency, they can handle your social networks as well.

You need to include in your website the following elements:

– It all starts with a Layout. It is very important to have a dramatic impact at very first sight.
– Use the right color palette. Colors are a reflection of your brand.
Images and icons. Use images that match your business intent. There are tons of them on the internet, but you have to be careful with copyright. If you have professional images of your own, that would be the best.
– The content may seem obvious, but having the right words is essential. Search engines like Google use these texts to find out if your website is worth showing to users.
– Another fundamental part of the puzzle is to use the appropriate font. There is also psychology applied in this.
– During the entire creation process, you need to do SEO on all different parts of your website. This is to increase the chances of being part of the first results that the search engines will show to users.


In general, every good web designer, is doing website design in conjunction with a team of specialized people. It is common to have somebody that do SEO, another for content writing, some other in charge of image design, etc. The web designer knows all about technical requirements that the World Wide Web requires in order to be there. Besides, she or he knows the technical aspect of different website design tools and their particular requirements or characteristics.


Website design is almost an art. This can be done by anyone who knows any of the tools available in the market, but that does not guarantee the objective of every website: to be seen by users.
Today there are an average of 1.7 billion websites. It is a true battle to excel.

In Graphic Illusion we have a great team working for each of our clients. If you are thinking of launching or improving your website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to chat with you.

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